Dell XPS720 PSU??

Can i use the Dell Psu from my POS DELL xps720 on a new 24/8 pin new Atx motherboard???
Or is it another "Stuck with Dell " component? Is wiring different ?
My 720 Mthrbrd died . i got new case and board and i want to swap components to a
XFX 790i board.
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  1. You can probably use the Dell PSU -- after all they have frequently used pretty standard Intel boards.

    But (perhaps due to clever engineering of their computers -- perhaps because their PSU's do not overstate the power rating) Dell PSUs do seem to be rather low wattage.
  2. It should be a standard PSU. If it's got the power connections you'll need, and enough power for your hardware, it should be fine.
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  4. It is a 1000 watt Psu . but my problem is . I t dont have a 8pin 12 cpu connection . I can use 1 PCI-E 6 pin ANd I was thinking of taking a 12v and Neg lead from the 20 pin connection in whick i am not using .
    The Dell Psu has a 20 and 24 pin . My board needs a 24 and 8 pin. There is not too many ",(X)+(y) to a 8 pin "converters.I know u can use 2 4 pin pci-e plugs together for th e 8 pin . But my dell PSU has 4 6 pin Pci-e cables. Ill be using 2 on my video card . I have 2 extra . but I noticed that there is 2, 2 different amps on the cables to graphic card. ! is a 10 amp set and the other is a 6 amp set . Im not sure which set was connected to my Vid card . .
    1 more ?. Where do i connect my card reader ? the serial port pins or the iEE8 pins? it been a while this stuff is all new to me. I remember a Ditto drive would be connected inline with your Floopy drive.
    Mind you, i do have a A+ Certificate.LOL/ but it been 8 years since i had to config / I have another important question about the raid 0 config my Xps720 was in . When i connect the drives to new MTrbrd, Will it boot up the OS that is already on the drives . And not lose my data . Or do i have to Format ? and lose everything?
    thanks guys . I never swapped drives that were in a raid config to different computer . That info i believe is kept in the bios . MAybe different boards/bios read the config info differently and wont recconize my RAID 0
    Thanks for the help . this was my 1st OEM ever . what was i thinking.
  5. Ok, there is a difference between the 6 pin PCIe connectors, 20+4 pin main ATX power, and the 4/8 pin CPU power connectors. You shouldn't try to swap them. In most all cases, you can use a 4 pin CPU power if your PSU doesn't have the 8 pin connector.

    If you change motherboards, you're going to lose your RAID array, and all the data that was on it. If you get the same model motherboard, with same RAID controller, you would probably be ok. But if you switch to the 790i motherboard, you'll need to reinstall windows.

    What type of cardreader do you have?
  6. Ok Believe it or not . Im up and running with my Old RAID array and OS that was already on my drives from the old computer. Maybe because they both have Nvidia chipsets and the new Mthrbrd reconized the array.
    However i booted to Safemode to be safe.
    Do I have to reinstall? Or can i change the drivers for the new motherboard? using the Cd that came with it.
    the only thing that is new other then the MB is the Ram. ----AND __- the only OS i have is from Dell. On their DVD . I upgraded to vista premium . But I think u have to install xp 1st . Or am i wrong?
    I dont want to start configuring until i get some advice . These are uncharted waters im in . I never owned a OEM before nor dealt with and reconfigues using their Propiortary os discs.
    all i did so far was enter bios -intergrated perrifials-and made it detact a RAID ARRAY . ANd found it immediately . then i restarted and booted up to it . In safe mode.
    whats my next step?? My fans are spinning pretty fast . thasts expected cause have not installed MB drivers yet.
    should i install drivers for MB ? I have not connected it yet to Internet . I figured it wont be able to use the networkadapter. although they are both BroadBand Chips i believe . Usb ports are functioning and the dvd drives. .
    Whats my next step . Im afraid after i get the data i need. Im affraid to format cause my OS was from dell . But i have the upgrade i bought . Is there a full install on my Vista upgrade? or does it require previous OS ?
    My last build there was no such thing as upgrading to different OS. You needed to format and reinstall everything.or at least delete the od partiction .
  7. First, I gotta say I'm shocked that it booted and recognized the pre-existing array. But that's a good thing for you. If it recognized the array, and you can boot into windows, you're good for now.

    Do you have a full version of windows? If yes, I would recommend backing up your data, and doing a fresh installation. With the new hardware, you can get driver conflicts.
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