Keyboard and mouse not responding after removing gpu and adding new on

Lost my keyboard and mouse after removing my XFX 6950 and installing my new Asus 7870 .

Any idea?

Win7 x64
M5A87 AM3+
AMD 1100T BE with Corsair A70
MS Reclusa keyboard with CM Sentinel advanced mouse
Corsair TX750 & Corsair SP2500 speakers
Auzentech X-FI FORTE
Dual Seagate ST31000524AS in RAID 0 - (Software raid)
Asus 7870
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  1. I assume you have tried the following simple trouble shooting methods, but I'm going to list some anyways just in case.

    - Unplug and replug the devices
    - Try every usb port on your system and note which ones work and don't
    - Try any and every other usb device you have on all usb ports.
    - Remove old drivers, install new drivers

    The goal, try to eliminate variables. Sometimes you have to multiply x on the top and the bottom so they will cancel out. =)
  2. You can always try reinstalling your keyboard and mouse drivers.
  3. Thank you for your replies..

    Did all of the above .. unplugged and replugged everything .. all my usb ports are working good .. verified bios USB enabled .. cleared bios with jumper and verified all settings .. USB enabled ....

    Also.. did get in windows with old ps2 keyboard ..

    Now .. I can not navigate in Windows . tried tabs .. esc and all knowed functions .. Anyways .. will find a solution...

    Still trying to navigate .. to try to re install keyboard and mouse drivers..

    Is there something in O/S that I have to disable like some sort of sleep mode .. that might of caused this ..?

    or maybe I should try flashing my bios ..( but scared to loose my raid 0 ...)

    I`m still eliminating variables ..

    Any more quick solutions would be appreciated ?

    Just trying to avoid re building this machine ..

    Thanks again for your help ..
  4. Install all hardware
    turn off antivirus and firewall, ALL security OFF
    set the bios to boot CD DVD drive first
    Put win 7 disk in the drive, start the computer
    select "upgrade"
    this reloads the OS, and configures the hardware.
    But it does not erase your personal files or programs.
    Your hardware is not configured.
  5. Thanks for your reply ...

    Ok .. but will I loose my raid 0 set up (amd raid - software based )

    With this Win7 upgrade ?
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