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I am having problems with my BF2 DVD. It turns out that the problem isn't the DVD, its my drive. How do I know this? I returned it and got a new DVD version and it does the same thing.

Anyway, the problem is that in My Computer, it says it's a CD drive and not a DVD drive (it's a Compaq GD-8000 that I took from my sister's Presario). When I go into the device properties, it has the DVD regions tab though. But the odd thing is is that I can watch DVD movies with it, but I can't read other DVD data like Battlefield 2. When I put the BF2 DVD in, it just keeps spinning like it's trying to look for something and it causes My Computer to stop responding.

I checked my ASPI drivers and those are up to date. Anyone know the problem? Is it fixable at all or is it time to chuck it out?

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  1. I'd chuck it. I've found and purchased myself a "Gigabyte" DVD ROM (READ ONLY)/CD BURNER (52x32x52) for $31.00 with $4.00 shipping.....(YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT...LOL) Newegg...check it out. It works Great!!! Of coarse.
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