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How to connect dvd player+receiver+pc+hdtv together

Last response: in Home Theatre
March 27, 2010 6:54:13 PM

hi all
just got my new hts recently and i got a few questions
i'm connecting pc to hdtv via DVI -> HDMI adapter,audio to receiver via optical
dvd player to hdtv via hdmi,audio to receiver via optical
i have tried connecting dvd player via hdmi to receiver den to hdtv via hdmi, i cant get any audio or visual except when starting up the dvd player,it will showing pioneer word on the i'm wondering isit resolution/connection error or is the hdmi module faulty.the hdmi indicater light keeps blinking non stop when theres a error as written in the manual.

currently using receiver VSX-RS319V-k, dvd player DV-420-BK ,mobo GA-EP45T-UD3P
my gfx is 4890 1gb which does not support hdmi and i noe tat there will be no sound with DVI -> HDMI,which i will be changing to a gfx tat has hdmi

-isit possible to connect dvd player and pc via hdmi to receiver den another hdmi to hdtv?
-hw do i use Dolby Home Theater tat is supported by my mobo
-isit possible to transforms all PC audio signals into a Dolby Digital or DTS signal like since my mobo support Dolby Digital live
sry for so many question..still new to this
March 27, 2010 8:17:57 PM

just tried connecting pc to receiver den to hdtv via hdmi and it was a success.
this shows tat is is not hdmi module fault.
have just tried Dolby Digital Live but i cant seem to get it to 5.1,audio only comes out from front left and right.
when i disable Dolby Digital Live and use receiver's Dolby PLII Movie,all speaker have audio.
i cant seem to select Dolby PLII Movie when Dolby Digital Live is enabled
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