Dell dock disappears

My dell dock has disappeared. I keep keep a message that it has stopped working and to send Dell a report(but it won't send because of error).

I spent over one hour with a tech from Dell who tried to fix the problem but was uable to do so. He said I needed to purchase a warranty or program to take care of the problem. My laptop is only 4 months old!

I have tried reinstalling dell dock(no go). I tried starting the computer in safe mode(no go). What can I do? Please make it simple because I am a beginner. Also this is my first time on a computer forum. Thanks.
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  1. i have the same problem!
  2. You have three options

    1) Go to my dell downloads create a a/c and get your S/W's
    2) Try PC restore form Dell Data Safe Local Backup S/W
    3) Install similar software IE rocket dock..
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