Front Right Speaker Not Working !!

Hi all

Like the title says, i'm having problems with my front right speaker. It doesn't work..

The sound system worked fine up until I used it on this rig.

**I have Vista Ultimate 64x OEM.

**It is a Creative Gigaworks G550 Wireless.

**I have a ASUS Rampage Formula Motherboard with a SoundFX card that is a SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio drivers.

I have installed the latest drivers, along with uninstalling them then REinstalling them.

I have switched the speaker to the connection of another speaker and its working. So the speaker isn't dead.

I switched the wire that was going to the subwoofer and the front right speaker to another output on the subwoofer and its working. So the wire isn't faulty.

I don't believe the speakers are broken because I have had my motherboard and graphics card quit on me in the past 2 weeks. I am reluctant to believe now my speakers are broken too.

If anyone knows what approach I should take to maybe troubleshoot this, that would be great!
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  1. Iv had this same problem with vista, ever since i installed vista my front right speaker wont work, and my front left speaker will have the sound coming out the loudest while the two rear ones are very soft. I cant use vent becuase its just not coming through at all and songs im missing like half of them due to sound coming out of a speaker that vista is using. Everything works fine when i plug my headphone in. And it isnt the hardware cus iv swaped in another sound card and it did the same thing.
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