I can not print anything with my black ink

My black cartridge ran out and I have replaced it. When I check the print head alignment the black doesn't not print on the first set of colour, the blue yellow and cyan do. On the next four lines down the black will print one line thrid row. I have tried all the cleaning methods on the printer I have turned it off and on. It will print in colour some shade of black and will print pictures just without filling in the black bits.....Please someone give me a clue lol. I am not overly great on printers.....Thanks
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  1. I'm having the same issue with my Canon i550. Anyone ever find a solution to this? I heard here that cleaning the print head with pure alcohol may fix it, but I'd rather not put anything liquid into my printer other than ink.
  2. Here is a tiny list of things to try first. If you don't mind, with the printer turned on, open the printer and take out the black ink cartridge. See if it's a Dell Series 5 ink cartridge. The rest is explained below.

    Can you print something when you lay it on the glass. Color and B&W? These are Dell Series 5 ink cartridges, correct?

    Open the printer with the power on and remove the Dell Series 5 black ink cartridge and make sure the tape is off the cartridge, then reseat the cartridge back in. Now do the same for the Dell Series 5 color cartridge. Now when you close the printer, it should print an alignment page. Any error messages?
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