Sony MHC-EC99i Review

What do you think of the SONY MHC-EC99i 530W MINI HI-FI MUSIC SYSTEM W/ IPOD DOCK?
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  1. I'm not happy with this joke of a music system. Obviously made for audiophobes, this audiophile was looking for a compact system with tons of power, not just on the spec sheet, but proved through VOLUME. Yes, I have hooked it up correctly (with thin, short speaker wires that are supplied}, tried tweeking it with the few tweekables offered with the system. Obviously, I would like to know where the power is? When I crank the volume, it shuts down and off. It cannot handle it for some reason. All wires are snug and not shorting, phasing is correct. Any ideas or should I take it back. Thanks for letting me vent and hopefully an expert can advise.
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