[Gaming] Best display for gaming under $3,000

Hey guys I've been using a Plasma TV (Panasonic TH-50PH9) for the past 4-5 years hooked up to my PC as the centerpiece of my entertainment system. The TV has started showing it's age, it's only 720p :ouch:

So I feel I'm finally ready in the next month or so to buy a new screen.

My list of importance goes 1)Gaming 2)Movies.

So here's my big question.

What would better...a 240Hz LED/LCD tv or a 600hz Plasma.
Which technology will handle motion better?
I've read a lot of reviews on the matter and people tend to say plasma over LED/LCD. What do you guys thinK? Also note that image retention is a non-issue with plasmas. I've passed out in front of my plasma with static images on the screen all night and it's never been a problem, and that plasma is almost 5 years old.

Would a desktop monitor like a Dell Ultrasharp perform better than say a Samsung UNB8500 when it comes to motion?

Also another note is that there is nothing wrong with my Panny plasma. It's just not 1080p. I have no complaints about it whatsoever.

So my options are.
LED/LCD 240hz
LED/LCD 120hz

Thanks in advance for your help. If Sears or Amazon would let me just buy TV's and return them with no restocking fee I wouldn't need to do any research. :)
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  1. This depends completely on if the T.V is in a sunny bright room, or say a dark basement. LCD's can handle both, but plasma's suck in bright or even somewhat bright conditions.

    Go with Plasma, better refresh rate for gaming, better contrast between black and whites, and no do not buy a monitor, there cheaper made worse quality. T.V brand and price are up to you, update your HDMI to get best revision and should have a good Theater System. Don't buy "Monster cables" there a rip off.

    Good luck to you in your search. :)
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