Installing Window 7 HELP NEEDED!!

I downloaded window 7 RC 64 bit, and i understand that it is already in the ISO format. However i burned the file into a dvd and was going to install it in my newly built computer. The computer would not recognized the DVD, and therefore it wont boot. So today i decided to burn a new copy, some thing happened. All i get is "Boot from CD/DVD" and it wont go to the screen to start Window 7 installation. I downloaded the Window 7 RC 64bit once again. This time i noticed before the downloading was finished, the file format is in DLM file and after the download is finished, the file format is just "file". Does anyone knows whats going on? I dont get it. Isnt it suppose to be in ISO already? And all there is elft to do is burn the ISO image file to a DVD and then just use that DVD to boot it right? Am i missing something? Or is there a problem? Please and thank you for your time.
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    The DLM file would have been a DownLoad Manager file.

    Just to make sure you're burning the DVD correctly:

  2. You have to burn it as an iso

    Not merely burn an iso file to the disc
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