Positional audio vs surround sound headset

as the topic says is surround sound headset better at giving u a positional feeling of sounds than

other typs of virtual stereo positional audio as 3d audio or whatever other names they give it ?
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  1. I say that good 5.1 headphones are better then other virtualized methods, but most people disagree with me...

    Frankly, most analog based 5.1 headphones I've tried were absolute crap; the only decent pair were my Razer Barracuda HP-1's. USB based models aren't even worth considering either (you REALLY benifit from a decent sound card...)

    I've had much more success with optical (keeping in mind you need to stream Dolby/DTS signals, and be able to decode them as well...); I'm currently loving my Tritton AX Pro's, as all directional signals are easy to distinguish without having any quality issues. Heck, even the Bass is strong...
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