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My sister called because her Dell 531s was making beeping sounds so I had her bring it over and when I hooked it up it no longer beeped but the power light was solid amber. I went through all the troubleshooting on dells site and even replaced the power supply, motherboard and switched out the hard drive, still nothing. The Amber light is still on and I get a No Signal message on the monitor when I plug it into the computer. (the monitor works fine on my computer so I know that's not the problem) There aren't many more parts for me to replace. What else could possibly be wrong with it?
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  1. Usually beeping sounds indicate a memory issue. Did she say how many beeps it was making?
  2. If it was just a memory problem then it wouldn't prevent it from booting up now, however it's not to say the memory is not damaged as well as another component.

    When you say that the light is solid amber, is that with it "turned on" as in fans whirring and what-not or does the PC not even get that far?
  3. Faulty RAM can certainly cause a PC to fail to boot.

    Though, the amber light usually signifies a PSU problem.
  4. plus 1 for aford!
  5. hint.... changing everything will not solve the problem... DELL
  6. Hello JeniRose,

    My name is Shrikanth and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. How many beeps are you getting when you turn on your system? Please go to this link you will find the beep code list. Check which part is faulty based on the beep code.

    Thanks and regards
    Shrikanth G
    Social Media and Community Professional
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