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Recently I have been very interested in buying a display for my macbook as a second screen, well, really the main one when it's big enough, for general work and for watching films etc.

Not only this, but i also want to have a display to play my xbox on, and therefore want a display which has the 1080p resolution that games looks best at.

I would really like to know the pro's and con's of buying a tv or monitor adn which one you think is the better option! It's the massive difference in price which attracts me to monitors :)

I need a minimum of 2 HDMI and DVI connecter for my macbook.

Thanks alot in advance!
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  1. I would stick with a "multi-function" monitor. Something with multiple inputs that supports multiple formats, both via PC and A/V connections (HDMI/DVI/Component/Coax(for TV, see below)/ etc.)

    Depending on whether you use a set top box for television reception or not, you may also want one with a built in HDTV tuner for television reception. The nice thing about those types of monitors is they generally will come with a remote control allowing easy access to configuration menu's as well as input switching etc.

    This is the one I have and I love the versatility of it, look for something similar as far as inputs and supported resolutions via those specific inputs.
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