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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone can answer this question for me. I currently have a HP w2408h 24' LCD connected to my PC. It has 1 VGA port and I am constantly switching it back and forth from my Xbox360 to my PC. Is there any potential harm to the monitor because i'm always unplugging and plugging in another system? Should I turn off the monitor before disconnecting the VGA cable? Or is there no risk and I shouldn't worry about it?
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  1. Aside from the physical deterioration of the pins on the cables, especially... I would think that there's potential, even if it is a minimal amount, of creating a high current draw from arcing as the cable is plugged/unplugged. Probably only if the source device (PC/360) is on at the time of connection/disconnection. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    I can't imagine there's MUCH power on those pins in the first place though...
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