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We're canceling our TV service and going with internet only. My wife is on board, but only if she can watch Coronation Street online every day. I know there are ways I can strip or illegally download the video, but I can't be bothered every day and am wanting to just run a web browser directly on the TV (she doesn't want to sit at the computer to watch).

Is there a quick/simple/cheap way of doing this without actually setting up a small TV-connect PC just for this purpose? Normally we just use the xbox to stream content from my windows home server, but this only works when I've already got the file on the machine.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. http://www.cbc.ca/coronation/

    If your systems graphic card has an output (HDMI/S-Video/VGA) that's compatible with your TV's input, then just run an appropriate cable between the two, enable to TV as a second monitor, and the above link should give you what you want (she wants) to watch.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Yeah, the problem is that they're not very close to each other and she's fussy about wires unless I run them through the walls. The house is wired with CAt5e but there's no easy/tidy way to run a wire from the computer desk to the TV :/
  3. There are wireless HDMI solutions but the are expensive. If you have CAT5 then 1 or 2 runs with HDMI baluns at each end will work. There is also an HDMI over IP product available. You should be able to google these.
  4. intersting. Didn't realize HDMI could keep a signal that far. Cool.
  5. Web tv is best to watch from another and its service is too good. Many people have started to use it. You can watch tv channels from here http://www.channel.pk/
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