Connect HTIB to LCD monitor

hello guys..
i have a Pioneer HTIB which has the following Video O/P's
-RCA Video

i want to connect this to my Dell SP2008WFP,but it has only DVI and VGA Input!

ive googled and found some adapter/converters but any idea hoe the quality be?

thank you
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  1. Unfortunately, your HTIB does not have any high quality video connections - ideally, you would need either component or HDMI outputs. Since you have none of those, the quality will be mediocre at best. Your best choice is the YPbPr cable - it gives the best quality of the three, but is still limited to 720p at best, and that's assuming you have a good converter (none of those signals are directly compatible with your monitor inputs).
  2. thanks..
    but isn't YPbPr=component?
    and what kind of a converter are you referring to?
    YPbPr to DVI?
    YPbPr to VGA?
  3. YPbPr is one type of component, yes. I somewhat misspoke there, as I wasn't thinking. For component to really be useful though, you would need a component input as well, which is why I didn't think of it as the greatest connectivity. That is because the signal is not directly compatible with VGA or DVI, so a more complicated conversion is necessary than if it had an HDMI connector. As for the converter, it doesn't matter which one you get - it isn't directly compatible either way, and would need the signal format to actually change (unlike an HDMI-DVI converter, which use the same type of signal, just different pin locations and the HDMI has audio).
  4. does the adapter give at least decent(at least watchable) quality?
    im not using it as my primary setup...

    thank you
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