Plan on getting my first real HDTV. Need expert advise.

Sometime next month I plan on buying my first HDTV. I currently have Samsung's 2253BW and T260HD.

All of which I purchased online without actually comparing quality with other monitors. I read reviews but that's it.

Anyways, I would again be ordering online due to the lack of choices here and overpricing.

Any recommendations? It'll mostly be used with a PS3 and my PC. Standard Def Cable Channels too.

I'm looking at two Samsung LED-TVs that are both 3D capable : SAMSUNG UN46C7000 and UN46C8000

The latter not yet released till later this month (April-ish).


Its Samsung, 46", LED, 3-D Capable, Thin, Contrast ratio at the Millions-to-one, Internet.

I know 3D isn't perfected yet and it is still too early BUT financially I can't keep up with technology when it comes to television sets. So I need something future-proof. PS3 are supposedly getting firmware to support Blu-Ray movies in 3d. So Im good with the player.

Budget probably will be around $2,800.00 just for the TV coz then I'd be paying over $400.00 just for shipping it here.

Im leaning alot towards Samsung but open to accept others if it comes from the experts LOL..
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  1. Great choice of tv that you have, I have one other good recommendation a 3d sony tv, being released this summer, new tech, fast refresh rate and amazing PS3 compatibility.

    If I ma give a suggestion get a HDMI cable it will make things crazy great, but don't let people talk you into a damn "Monster" cable, because in terms of cables there all basically the exact same, except for HDMI revisions, get HDMI 1.3a, 1.3b, or I think 1.4 is coming out soon. The next PS3 update will be awesome, cant wait good luck to you: *Link in at bottom for the specs and stuff pricing is TBA* Should be in price range.

  2. Sony. Yeah.. was considering them. Too bad its not till June-July. Its just a matter of patience. Samsung I know just has C7000 (out right now) C8000 (accepting pre-orders) and then the C9000 (sometime this month but WAY TOO EXPENSIVE). Almost all the same. Either way, Im sure I'll be blown away when I get one. From a 25.5" to something 46ish.. Can't wait.. Problem is just who can ship it here in once piece. LOL.. I have a couple of retailers.. Will find out once i got moolah!!!
  3. I have owned Sony televisions exclusively for the past 30 years. I was in the market for a new TV to replace my older Sony 50" Grand WEGA LCD projection set. I always keep up with new technologies in consumer electronics and knew that LED backlighting was the way to go. One day, I visited Best Buy to see the new Sony models. I was particularly interested in the Sony Bravia XBR8 LED TV. It has an awesome display, but I couldn't bring myself to part with $5K for a TV. The high price was a big disappointment. I knew Samsung made LED models so I decided to check them out too. I was immediately floored. They looked far better than Sony's more expensive LED model and for $2K less. But, was I really willing to purchase something other than a Sony TV? I would have to be convinced. I did a lot of research on these Samsung sets. I demoed them in several stores and read as many reviews as possible. IMO, the Samsung LED TVs are by far the best technology currently available. Their display must be seen to be believed. Most impressive of all, is the fact that Samsung accomplished this in a set that is only 1.2" thick.

    Well, I was finally convinced and decided to purchase the Samsung UN55B8000. I have owned it for almost a month now and I am in awe every time I watch it. This set is beautiful even when it's turned off. But, you won't want to turn it off because the clarity, detail, brightness, contrast and color are absolutely exceptional. For the first time I have owned a TV, I did not have to make any adjustments to the factory settings - it looked perfect right out of the box. In fact, I had purchased a calibration DVD and was surprised to find that I didn't have to make any adjustment to any controls.

    Of course, the most amazing thing about this set and what intially lured me to it is its picture quality. It's difficult to explain the level of detail it produces. I have HD cable programming (1080i), which looks fantastic. Games on the Xbox 360 pops out at you. But the images produced from a Blu-ray source is absolutely breath-taking. I was also pleasantly surprised at how bright the display looks in my sunlit family room. I thought I would have to adjust the brightness to view the set in daylight and again when watching at night as I did with our old Sony TV. Although the screen on the UN55B8000 has a gloss finish, it does a great job of reducing glare and reflections.

    I took advantage of the slim design of this set and purchased the ultra slim wall mount. The TV hangs like a picture frame and looks like a masterpiece, which it is. The slim case houses adequate speakers, producing fairly good sound quality for normal TV viewing. Of course, you would want to watch movies through a surround sound system.

    As for the other features of this set; the internet widgets are pretty cool, but slow. I especially like the YouTube widget. The DLNA network feature is also a nice addition, but the interface is also slow and not very intuitive. I'm hoping that a future firmware upgrade would improve the functionality. The content library feature is my favorite. It allows you to display a slideshow of artwork or other pics with soft background music - great for parties. You can download additional content for free from Samsung.

    I am extremely pleased with this television and would recommend it to anyone. I ended up purchasing this from Amazon for 2,199 about 1000$ cheaper than Best Buy.
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