Winamp + iPod 3rd gen Trouble

Hi, I have a 3rd generation 4gb iPod shuffle, winamp 5.56 (latest version), windows vista home premium 64bit.

The problem, my iPod shows up on winamp, and I can add songs, make playlists, move things, etc. However, upon ejecting the device, and turning it on, it won't read the track titles or playlist titles. It just says "all songs, playlist, playlist, playlist." Anyone encountered this before? Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Maybe the reason is that the music data from the Ipod is M4A.file and it's trying to take data from the ipod but it can read the data very well. Now the best thing you can do is to make sure that you can add the library files from the itunes folder. (In Your Computer) Go to The Winamp and click library/Add Media To Library/ choose the folder and look for the Itunes folder.Most likely it's in your Documents/Music/Itunes, Once you do that it will transfer the files to the by reading the Music Data. It won't work from the Ipod directly..... But after you have done that then your Ipod can read in the software (Winamp)

    Hope that I help..
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