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Me and my girlfriend bought a laptop, an Alienware x11 laptop with Windows 7... I thought it would be clever to use this disc to install win7 on our old desktop... it worked, but I was unable to register it, said it would automaticly register in three days online, so I went online and bought/paid for a legit key for Windows 7... I reinstalled windows 7, and it works just fine. My problem is this, in my computers specs, it says it is an Alienware laptop... I have a Dell desktop, it is not alienware, or a laptop... anyone ever heard of this problem? How do I fix it?
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  1. its because the disc you used was embedded with this because it is for a laptop!
  2. I know, it was a stupid move...
    But there is always a way to undo stupid moves.

    How to I remind my computer of its proud native Dell heritige and restore its mind to its propper place? I tell it, but it doesn't listen to me. I'm thinking about taking it to a therapist to see if they can get through to it...

    your a Desktop! Not a Laptop! Forgive your master for his mistakes~!
    ::Hugs computer lovingly:: Its ok, man... I'm here for you, we'll get through this.
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