Possible hardware fault?

Wonder if someone can help narrow done what's wrong with my PB easynote laptop. Crashed during a game and on reboot screen is full of vertical lines. Have found that on pressing FN and F5 I can switch to bootup screen and be greeted with options such as start in safe mode etc but it doesn't load Windows properly. Thought I could recover Vista with bootable disk but any attempt to try this (or any other bootable disk) gets so far this hits vertical lined screen again. Took hard drives out as a test and on booting up vertical lines still there.

Any ideas as to what may have gone wrong and likely cost to fix?

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  1. If the screen worked reasonable normally in Safe Mode it suggests a video driver issue. Download from PB (or from the resource CD usually supplied wit laptops).

    Also try connecting the laptop so that it uses an external screen -- if the problem appears on the external, that may confirm that it's a software not a hardware problem.
  2. Star turn FIHART!

    Needed to get vga adapter in order to link laptop to external screen and when I did connect I could see past safe mode which I couldn't otherwise.

    Very much appreciate your help with this.

  3. Try adjusting the display resolution within Windows -- the existing setting may be outside the range of the laptop's screen but okay with the external screen.
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