Which technology is superior for handling motion?

Hey guys I've been using a Panasonic plasma TH-50PH9 for 4-5 years now and although it's a great screen I really want to get a new 1080p plasma or LED/LCD tv.

One of my plasma's biggest uses is as a PC monitor and I'm an avid PC gamer.

I can't decide which technology to get. Would it be better to get a new 600Hz plasma or a 120/240hz LED/LCD tv?

I'm also really confused, are PC LCD screens like the Dell Ultra-sharp the same as HDTV LCD screens? Are they made similar, do they preform similar?

Let's say the new Sony NX800 has a response time of 2 m/s. Also lets say a Dell Ultra-sharp has a response time of 2 m/s. Will both screens perform similar in regards to motion?

Many thanks.
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  1. Hello?
  2. LED's are nice, but I am not sure if they are any/much better than LCD's, 240Ghz is better, haven't been able to tell if ANY of the motion software in the TV's are better, seems they are more dependant on the quality of the supplied signal, needless to say 1080P is the way to go for clearer, crisper pictures
    anything under 5ms response your eyes can't see( no ghosting)
    used a HD tv for a monitor for a long time, I think my 22" viewsonic displays letters better, seems that when reading articles/forums the typeset wasn't as clear on the HDTV (using a DVI connector on both so the display resolution was automatic)

    FWIW been thinking about a PS3 for Blu-Ray play back
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