Know of any good PCIe x1 IDE cards?

I've got two PCI slots, one PCIe x16, and one PCIe x1 in my machine. I wanted to add an extra IDE controller card but I didn't want to use up my PCI or PCIe x16 slots. Does anyone know where I can find a PCIe x1 IDE card?


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  1. Ha ha,

    I think you jumped on the PCI-e bandwagon a little soon my friend :-)

  2. I think they have PCIe cards for SCSI and SATA now but I doubt they have IDE cards or will ever make one. IDE drives probably wont be used for large raid sets for much longer, if they even do now. I'm sure home users will still have IDE arrays for a while but I doubt many corprate users will and that is where the market is.

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  3. Try newegg and search for pcie to ide adapter
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