HP LaserJet P2035N won't stop printing

Printer is installed on a server and shared to users. Someone printed a one page document and so far it has printed nearly a ream of copies. There is nothing in the queue to cancel and it must be in the printer memory. I created a notepad document with the instruction net stop "Print Spooler" && net start "Print Spooler" in it and saved it as a .bat document. I executed it but since the job is in printer memory it didn't have an effect but thought I'd try.

How can I clear the printer memory? I have it unplugged now. When I plug it back in it starts right up again.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Is there not a small LCD screen with menu system on the printer -- there must be some way to cancel a job using that. If not, am urgent call to HP would seem to be in order.
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