Which 2.1 speaker system is better than Logitech X-230?

I'm looking for a 2.1 speaker system that is similar in shape and size to Logitech's X-230 but sounds considerably better. I actually quite like the sound of the satellites but the subwoofer is just ridiculous. Even when turned down completely it still is way too loud. I guess this system was built with gamers in mind... I'm looking for a system that is meant for listening to music. Right now I'm trying out a pair of affordable nearfield monitors (Behringer MS40) which sound allright (I guess, I'm not entirely sure yet) but are still quite a bit too big for my current workspace. So any recommendations for better-sounding X-230 alternatives are very welcome!
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  1. Well I have a set of 2.1 from Logitech Z-340 and they sound excellent.
    They are surround sound but that is what you get or buy when buying surround sound speakers.. You get going to have to
    get use to some good quality sounds.. I know your workspace might be small but I have an idea for you. Do you have a Flat screen Panel monitor?
    If so then put it on top of the sub woofer, I did once and I like it for a while. Both speakers and monitor right in front of me. LOL wow I use got my sounds. LOL
    but those Behringer MS40 are sick man and I think you should either stick with the Behringer MS40 or Z-340... either way you will get the quality you are looking for

    Hope I help just alittle
  2. Creative Labs and Altec Lansing have some great 2.1 systems which I personally think they sound much cleaner and richer than most Logitech systems. As you said, Logitech cater to gamers, not audio enthusiasts.
  3. if money and ure problem, then there are tonnes of options out there
    these are the best for over 100 creative gigaworks t3, m audio av40, altec lansing mx6021, razer mako, kplisch pro media, acoustic energy aego m.

    the best i prefer is razer mako, but it is the most expensive out of these.
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