Keyboard shuts off laptop

Hi there,

Im trying to fault find a Dell Inspiron 1545.

Origionally it wouldnt turn on at all.

Where we stand now it that it works fine on AC and battery power as long as the metalic backing of the keyboard is not touching the chassis and is not screwed in.

When you put the keyboard in its rightfull place, it seems to short out the laptop turning it off.

New keyboard perhaps? Or could it be a fault on the MB?


Any help appreciated
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  1. /support/edocs/systems /ins1545/en/SM/index.htm\
    remove the spaces from the above link before copy paste to browser window.
    the insulator is missing? Look in the service manual, no not the motherboard, may be a factory defect.
  2. Hiya,

    fould the problem to be the keyboard.

    My friend has a Dell laptop so stole the board from his and works fine.

    Just need to source a keyboard now

    Many thanks
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