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Ok I just bought a tv yesterday from frys. Today I got to play with it more. So I hook up my xbox 360 jaw dropping picture. But the problem or worries is that when I have a black screen there are these white like spots on my screen. So I'm wondering why are these white spots are on there. It's mostly on the left side.
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  1. Sounds like you have dead pixels on your TV. Count how many you have and check to see what Fry's dead pixel return policy is. If you have more than what Fry's lists as acceptable, then you should be able to return/exchange it.

    -Wolf sends
  2. its not a dead pixel.. its just as parts of the tv are brighter than other parts. Making it look like white spots.... They aren't really there when I turn my tv on.. After its been off for awhile.
  3. You will see traces of the backlight at odd viewing angles. They are more noticeable in the corners.
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