In my compaq cq60 space key is not working

in my compaq cq60 space key and shift keys are not working please help me
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  1. Check whether it's hardware or software issue by attaching an external keyboard.
  2. Thanks for your replay..........

    i tried with an external keyboard then its works ....
    i opened the system and cleaned with alcohol but still its not working . problem is only with space and shift key please help...........
  3. Either the keyboard matrix or the connecting cable have a minor fault. Probably irreparable except by replacing keyboard.

    If you haven't punished the keyboard go back to the retailer, even if it's out of warranty.

    If they sell a lot of these they'll know by now whether there's an inherent fault with this Compaq/HP product. Hint, there's a class action brewing against HP by laptop owners.
  4. my keys arnt working either and its the same make and model of laptop i had to get a repacmet key
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