Cant install windows 7 on mother board p5nsli

Hello, I cant install windows 7 on my ASUS P5NSLI, I have seen post where users were able to install the O.S..... but every time I install the software I get an unresponsive screen.... when the O.S is being installed? any suggestions
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  1. Are you trying to clean install on a formatted HDD? How far does the installation progress before you get a blank screen? Is it a new or old build?
  2. update bios
  3. alvine could well be right, in which case you'll need the manual, chapter 2.1.5
  4. If you are trying to install a 32 Operating system onto a mother board with more than 4 GB of ram it may cause this issue.
  5. I had a similar problem when I last installed XP on a P5NSLI. It couldn't see my SATA drive so couldn't get XP loaded onto it. It would just hang.

    I had to specify an additional driver during the initial stage of the install. The driver was contained in the unzipped file 15.25_nforce_winxp32_international_whql.exe . You can get this from the nvidia website.

    Of course you'll want the Windows 7 version, and there is probably a version higher than 15.25 now.

    For my XP install I specified the driver contained in 15.25_nforce_winxp32_international_whql\IDE\WinXP\sata_ide
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