Using an pc to stream external hard disk to tv

Hi All,

I have the following idea in mind, there are standard out-of-the-box solutions for this problem I believe but these are rather expensive and out of my budget..

Using my just bought GoPro camera(actioncam) I make alot of footage which I'd like to be able to watch on my tv downstairs. Problem is tough that this makes me (re)burn a dvd every time and as this takes rather long and I get rather bored burning, sometimes burning takes longer than the actual length of the footage :wahoo:

The footage is stored on a sd card so I was thinking the following:
If I grab an old pc, install a video card with an s-video slot and put it behind the courtains(big ugly box). If I connect the cable to the tv I should be able to project my pc image to my tv.. right?
My biggest concern is what should the pc be capable of in terms of cpu speed, memory etc...?
It would only be used to watch my footage which I can store on my external hard disk on the tv
so I even thought it might be better to use a linux distribution instead of window as this would certainly save on overall cpu/mem usage or am I wrong here?
Also concerning the sound, would I need to use an cable from my pc sound card to the tv(guess you can just buy these?)

What are your advices/thoughts on this topic?

Yours sincerely,


P.S. I hope I put it in the correct category as it concerns both tv and pc's...
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  1. Well I have been to video editing since on my high school days. I have an old sony camera with RCA plugs to connect to my video capture box on my PC. I used a pinnacle video capture software. Well you really have to wait a long time for analog thing tweaking the settings will only compromise quality. My advice is expensive - upgrade to a new system, buy a box (one with RCA, S-Video, 1394) if you still using the old camera, this box is usually connected to a USB or 1394 to your PC and bundle to this is the software. In my old PC I render the video (DVD) for 2hours (plain without effects) in my new system I can do that 20 minutes with lots of effects but with HD is another story.
  2. Oh well that's interesting but I am using HD most times in 960p.. any idea on waiting times for that format?
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