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Had a quick question regarding the Acer H223H widescreen LCD monitor. I just got one this past weekend for free and I set everything up.

I noticed that I set it up to run at its max resolution of 1920x1080 however the displayable screen area doesn't seem to be maximized. What I mean by that is that there appears to be about a 1/2" border of black area between what is displayed and what could still be shown on the screen. I did notice someone mentioned this on newegg under customer reviews:

"CCC Advanced Graphics Settings -> DTV (DVI 1) -> Scaling options ->

Theres a slider marked Underscan/Overscan. Setting the slider to max overscan fixed the issue. Just thought i'd post my solution if anyone else is getting the same issue."

I have yet to try this but will do so as soon as I get home. Can anyone explain though why the screen doesn't automatically use up all available space or any other solutions in case the above solution doesn't work?

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  1. I discovered the problem. Changing the settings did help but running games were limited to the smaller view size. What really fixed it was switching from using the HDMI cable to the DVI cable.
  2. Try installing drivers for HDMI for that monitor as it probably identified as Plug and Play monitor by you system.
    They have Vista drivers on their website. If you have XP you can still download Vista drivers and install it on XP. I fixed all problems with my monitor by doing this.

    To install vista drivers on XP:
    1. Go to device manager.
    2. Expand your monitors list there and double-click on Plug and Play monitor.
    3. Go to driver tab and click Update Driver.
    4. "Not at this time" for question about connecting to Windows Update.
    5. "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)"
    6. "Don's search, I will choose driver to install."
    7. Click "Have Disk" and point to your Vista drivers folder, choose HDMI ones (x86 or x64 according to your operating system).
    8. Reboot.

    That should do it.
  3. i have tried all sorts of things... i changed from vista to win7...... i have the ATI 4850 card.... and tried every possible thing

    i even go the new drivers for that card .. but on HDMI mode the dam screen is small.. i have to work ON DVI.. i have no option
    i will be calling acer up and asking them for a solution.....
  4. I have the same problem. When I installed the monitor to my Dell Studio XPS laptop (running Vista) the problem appeared for the first time. I do not remember what I did, but I could fix the problem. Now I upgraded to Windows 7 and the problem is back - and I cannot find a solution. The viewable area is smaller than the 23" and the image is not good. But if I use the VGA interface, I have full screen. Could you find a solution?
  5. i am using DVI mode and i have still not been able to find any solution
    and i dont even know whos fault it is now... is it acer or the cards fault

    let me know wat card u use
  6. I just bought a Acer X213. Hooked it to my XBOX via HDMI. No problem. Good looking picutre. I then connected it to a GigaByte GT8600 via DVI and set it up as the 2nd monitor. I got the same problem as discussed here: The display area does not cover the whole screen. I installed Acer LCD driver and tried various setting and none worked. My other monitor is Samsung 20SW and it works fine. I built all my desktops and I'm pretty comfortable with all the hardware....never had so much trouble with a monitor. Can not find anything on the web or Acer's site either. :fou:
  7. i order this acer h233h monitor and now what i am looking on this forum isnt good :S
    guys have u resolve this issue?
  8. Well folks....I just got off the phone with a Level 2 Technical Support Rep...(let's just say the first tech and his supervisor were inept). At this point in time....all the drivers for this monitor are out there. None will provide full screen imaging on HDMI. This can only be acheived on DVI. They are aware of this...the issue only exists with users of Windows Vista.

    I've been more than pleased with the monitor's great!

    The monitor does come with both the HDMI and DVI cabels. HDMI has a blue connector, while DVI has a white connector. If you notice when you select "Menu" on the monitor...then select "Picture" in the cannot access the H Position or V Position. These would need to be increased, which would remove the 1/2" border. Under HDMI they are unaccessible therefore a change to DVI is necessary.

    As for finding information on the web on this issue....this thread was the first that came up. I therefore contacted Acer directly. I was advised that if the DVI doesn't work...they would like me to send in the monitor for servicing. My monitor was manufactured in March 2009 and purchased in I'm well w/i my 2 year warranty period.

    Good luck!
  9. PS...My monitor is the H233H...newest version. Touch screen.
  10. i just got off the phone with ACER... the tech says that the engineer will come and rectify the issue.... and he he is not able to do so they will give me a new monitor...... thats his commitment
    so i am just waiting to see what these guys will do
    i am really gonna have a laugh......
  11. I just purchased 2 of these monitors to use with my new Dell. I have a video card with 1 analog, 1 DVI, and one HDMI port. Connected one via HDMI and the other via DVI. DVI worked just fine and with a clear picture, however, the display on the HDMI monitor was about 1/2" smaller than the monitor would allow. I happened to have an HDMI -> DVI cable and tried that and it worked just fine. Something to do with the HDMI input on this monitor. I don't mind the work-around, but I would have rathered not have spent that hour troubleshooting...
  12. I have the same problem. I have an Acer H233H, and while using the HDMI connection, the viewing area does not stretch to fill the screen. I am currently having a discussion with Acer. I will update if I find a solution.
  13. Look at my post it may help:

    I just purchased this monitor this week and I posted what I had to do to get the full screen with using HDMI via win 7 64 bit. I just have not figured out how to change h-position and v-position because they are greyed out but I have not tried connecting a dvi cable up yet because I want to only use hdmi just preference. Also wish Acer had a better knowledge base. :o
  14. I had the same problem. It was becasue I had an ATI graphics card. Essentially went to the ATI catalyst controller (which si a software which pops up when you right click on your desktop). Then I wen tto DTV options and HDMI and selected the screen resolution I wanted i.e. 1920x.. It works fine now.
  15. I had the same problem; ATI 5770 and a black border at 1920x1080 using HDMI. DVI output was fine. I found you can go to the catalyst control centre. Select Desktops and Displays. At the lower left you see the monitor with a (1) on it. Right click and choose configure. Tick the option to enable GPU scaling and scale image to full panel size. Then on the Scaling Options tab slide the scaling to 0 percent. This made the window fit the screen panel correctly again using HDMI. Hope that helps someone else!
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