Recovery Management with NO DVD

Have just got a Easynote Butterfly Touch which has no DVD.

Unfortunately the PB Recovery tool will not let me choose any other option telling me I dont have an optical drive.
I have tried to access my DVD drive on my desktop and can read it but once again the PB tool will not let me access it.
IO thought I would just copy the Recovery Partition but In Computer Management it is greyed out and the only context menu is a useless help.
Thanks, Alan
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  1. OK, I have managed to make a copy of the Recovery Partition by changing its TYPE with a free program called Partition Wizard.

    I gave it a Drive letter and can now view it in File Explorer. I plan to copy it to my PC with DVD Burner and create a back up.

    Any ideas as to what the DVD should look like? Should I create with the Drive Letter or just its contents and I assume I would need to create an ISO.

    As I cant create with PB Tool I have no idea what the contents of the DVD would need to look like.


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