Panasonic Plasma Vs LG LED HELP!!!


i am trying to buy a new tv that has great picture, great features, and overall great

a tv that is not too low in standards but not to high in price and features

i am new to the hdtv game so i am trying to decide between these two plasma or led

can someone tell me which one is better and why, i know people prefer plasmas or leds

which one is great for blu rays, movies, non hd channels and will last at least 3 years

best for the price

give me disadvantages and advantages

panasonic viera 50

lg led 47

thank you very much for reading and trying to help
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  1. just some feed back, plasma used to be better, but now things are changing, pick carefully, if you watch TV during the day a LED may be better than a LCD or Plasma, night time they maybe all equal, "Contrast ratio is the most important aspect of screen quality, according to research by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Although plasma can produce more contrast than LCD, it does not always do so. Sony's LCD showed better contrast than a 42-inch Hitachi 42HDS69 plasma in the lab. And a plasma's contrast advantage fades away - literally - in bright rooms, where the ambient light overpowers dark tones.
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