The Best Razer Mouse For Me

Hi, I have been researching about gaming mice for about a month now. And I have to say, Razer seems like the best deal out there.
So Im trying to decide which gaming mouse I should get for my preferences.

1. I am a claw/finger tip gripper
2. I have a small hand.
3. I have a hard mat.
4. I dont need high sensitivity.
5. I do not care if its laser or not.

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  1. I am razer fan for several years, gaming or not gaming razer is my choice. I have a friends just like your prefs I advice you to try other mice see if you are comfortable with before you go for razer. I also have A4tech and logitech which serves me well over the years I have used this mices on the most brutal games and they survive. The point here is you are comfortable - My first use of my razer is not so good I lost a game play. Seek for comfort first, performance then looks just bonus.
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