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When choosing a DVD burner, what’s the most important features I should look for? What’s the best and reliable manufacture to look at when purchasing. If you know of a particular item I should consider, please don’t hesitate to recommend it. What’s the difference between these two?: DVD +/- RW or DVD + RW

I am trying to build a computer within the next two weeks, so any help will be welcome.

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  1. Get the Plextor 716 and get all of the formats.

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  2. Look into the newer Plextor PX-740A. It burns both + and - R at 16X. Does +R dual layer at 8X and -R dual layer at 4X. I have both the 716 and the 740. The 716 is a great drive, but Power Rec causes numerous problems. I have had the unit replaced twice already because Power Rec sticks and disks can't be burned faster than 4X. The 740 is new and can be found at places like www.newegg.com at very good prices. It is based on the soon to be released Benq 1640...but I prefer Plextor's great technical support. They are fast, timely and don't waste your time. The 740 has a lot of new features like laser burns at a 90 degree angle...very fast and efficient...and cheaper than the 716.

  3. Rich, thank you for your suggestion. Would the drive you are referring to be the Plextor PX-716A/SW 16x Dual Layer DVD+RW/-RW? What about what Bobmitch said about the drive, any experience similiar to his?

    Finally, thanks for replying to all my threads as I am a newbie to this computer buidling stuff. However,I am eager to learn.

    Also Bob, thank you for your input. I will check out the Plextor PX-740A.


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  4. Plextor drives are good but expensive get the NEC 3540 at newegg for about $40, that drive is multiformat, burns dual layer and it's very good overall. Last time I checked it had a five egg rating from the reviewers at newegg.

    You can get a great Plextor drive or your can get 2 or 3 very good NEC drives. It's your call.

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  5. Have you tried updating the firmware in the PX-716A? Your situation sounds like you have an old firmware, and you need to update it. By the way, updating the firmware sometimes adds new features, like recording at faster speeds, adding the ability to record DVD-R DL discs, and recording both double layer formats at 6X speed.
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