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Hi everyone,
Having a bit of an issue that is wracking my brain somewhat;
I recently purchased a 40' Samsung 8000 series LED TV :
Now, whilst I love its picture quality, the input lag is God-awful on all but one port. There are 4 HDMI ports + 1 VGA. One HDMI port is labelled "HDMI/DVI" which is what I use for my PC. That's connected using my GFX card to the DVI cable, through to an HDMI male adapter, in to the TV. This works perfectly, no input lag, wonderful picture, BUT, I also have a 360. In the HDMI port, the input lag measures 80ms + in games such as guitar hero. Thus, it is invariably impossible to use any HDMI port save for the HDMI/DVI port, but this involves unplugging my PC etc. etc. This is not ideal as I tend to be on a TS server/skype while playing 360 for competitive game modes. Not great when I have to restart before a game and then use a crappy port for the PC.
I've tried with the 360 on "game mode" "PC" mode on the normal HDMI port etc. etc. but it makes NO difference at all, the picture quality doesn't even change as you'd expect.
Luckily I've got a 360 VGA cable, problem solved you'd expect... No, How this design flaw creeped its way in to manufacture, but the damn thing doesn't fit! The VGA cable end is so large it doesn't actually fit in to the slim line TV as the port itself doesn't come out far enough.
So, the options are this: Somehow use the VGA port or make one of the other HDMI slots work. I'm open to all manner of advice, but please, please help me sort this out :P
Thanks in advance
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  1. get ahold of Samsung support, 80ms is awful, should be less than 6ms, got to be a issue with the TV
    other issues with the TV
  2. It's only that high the with other 3 HDMI ports though, which, I have no intention of using. The HDMI/DVI is instantaneous, or , as good as. I just need a work-around.
  3. Sorry, can I get a bump please. Really need some help :S
  4. Please? are there no cable options to go from the VGA port that will still carry sound? Such as one VGA cable that WOULD fit, to an HDMI cable? any way of doing that?
  5. No? Thanks anyway then....
  6. You could plug your LAN into the set and have it call home for new firmware. They do issue bug-fixes all the time.

    Sammy's have a one-year warranty. You may need a new mainboard. Call for service if patch does not fix it.
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