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Cannon VS Nikon DSLR

just wanting to know what the better camera to purchase would be???
cannon or nikon dslr
i've been looking at the Nikon D40x and D60 so far.. i have very little experiense with cameras & would like to know which one is better for me?
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  1. Both Nikon as well as Cannon are great cameras!

    Personally, I am a Nikon die-hard and would recommend Nikon.

    The D40x and the D60 are not current models.
  2. I am also a Nikon fan and have been using them for years. I would say that you can't go wrong with either brand. Go out and look at them and see what "feels" the best in your hands, look at the specs and make you own decision. A good place to read forums and reviews is at
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    Try this site for reviews:
  4. Yes you need to look at the specs of both the camera and select the best one.
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