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To open with I did search the forums and find some similar posts, however there was no apparent solution other than disabling sleep mode or rolling back drivers neither of which are solutions acceptable to my company.

I've recently started having a BSOD appear on my work laptop (HP Pavilion dm4), it seems to be when the laptop is shutting down to 'sleep' mode, at around the same time these bluescreens started up there also started to be connectivity issues with the wireless on board, it will connect for a variable amount of time, then simply drop the connection, usually for at least 20 minutes before reconnecting to the wifi, if I attempt to disable/re-enable the wireless card it seems to lock up in the midst of that process effectively forcing a restart. There have been no new drivers installed on this machine (all the drivers on the hp website are dated before the apparent manufacture date) and disabling sleep mode is unfortunately out of the question.

I can provide the minidump if that would be helpful, at this time I'm just looking for a direction to look in, as other than the apparent correlation between the blue screens and wireless issues I don't have many clues.

thanks for any help you guys can offer.
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  1. did you try the hp product and troubleshoothing
  2. yes I have tried there:
    (all the drivers on the hp website are dated before the apparent manufacture date)
  3. when was the last time you dust of the fan and system vent could be overheathing that shut system down try this for temp report and other adding this wireless checking tool and graphic one for the display
  4. temperatures check OK, max of 32C for HDD and 50C for CPU, I could try monitoring while under load for a while but the blue screen is exclusively occurring during idle time.

    the program you recommended is advertising for a driver scanning/update program, would you suggest I run that as well?
  5. no just run the info one got something better for driver update install the plug ma config and for missing update on software use this secunia psi free
  6. So no updated drivers found but some applications were in need of updating, not sure if that will solve the BSOD issue, but good to have done anyway thanks for that :) I'll update here if I continue to have issues
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