Is it possible to get the movies off h20-700 dvr w/o DirectTV

If there is no way to use the DVR from DirectTV w/o paying for DirectTV service) and the question was not posed to steal satellite.. just to use a unit which I OWN, as a dvr for recording off the internet.

There are 40+ movies recorded on the H20-700, and I would like to salvage the Seagate 300GB harddrive with the goal of watching the recorded movies. Can the movies be watched using PC with W7 Media Center, Patriot BoxOffice HD Media player or other program with the Seagate drive (removed from DirectTV dvr) in separate 3.5" enclosure?

I own the hardware and was paying $85 a month to DirectTV when movies recorded.. just no time to watch.

Help on this issue would be appreciated. Sure there's others out there who finally told DTV to pound sand, politely of coarse. (Was with DirectTV for ten years and tried for over a year to resolve problems with Office of President in Colorado for DirectTV, before finally saying adios).
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    Thanks, not what I wanted to hear ... hate to have a $400 piece of equipment that's now useless without being extorted by DirectTV... Was a member for ten years.. last two years after going to high def was nightmare, starting with bad installation,,, tv in bedroom not working,,,, constant problems.. over six trips by Tech's who were familiar with 'Raymonds' (man who installed the HD dish and wired, where no one knows why there were three wires through my floor not two needed.),, even using my vhs as fmmodulator to make bedroom tv work had them baffled........stayed to end of two year contract... with last hike to $85, standard channels, $10 for starz and $5 for receive high def, and problems was the last straw and not worth staying

    Fact I have a useless $400 receiver is just another reminder to never do business with Direct TV... (repeated letters to Office of President, who directed last two repairs which wasn't being honored- Pres office items as 'free' turned into another $16 over the 85.. time to exit stage right or beam me up scotty depending on the universe you're in.... davzway

    ps: when i take the unit apart to salvage the 3.5" Seagate 300GB hdd,, likely be a directv problem to keep me from getting the movies or using the drive....
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  3. Sad but true. when you buy into proprietary equipment from any manufacturer, you are stuck having to pay them if you want to keep using it.
    You might try selling it on E bay or Amazon, get at least some of the money back.
  4. Will take out the Seagate 300GB 3.5" hard drive and use for target practice... not about money anymore with DirectTV
  5. well, it's still a good drive which could be reformatted and reused, not a total loss. At least salvage something.
  6. Doubt I can get the 40 odd movies off the hdd but will at least try... $70 drive is something, short of $ 400 box it's in..
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