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I have several 400 ft reels of Super-8 movies. I can pay a commercial service to convert them to DVD.

However, I have a new Mac and have learned how to use iMovies.

So can I get my movies converted to something (.mov or .m4v) my Mac can read? Then I could do the editing and make a new DVD for our kids to have.

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  1. somewhat of an old thread but maybe I can be of assistance...

    I am finishing a project along the same lines. My family had old Super-8 reels which I converted.

    Here are your options:

    #1. Pay to have a commercial service transfer your 8's to UNcompressed AVI - you should be able to edit from this format

    #2. Set up a screen and video camera and project the image onto the screen while recording with your video camera

    #3. Build your own transfer equipment

    I went route #2...I have a high def camcorder and was able to set up my equipment so the end result doesn't look that bad. It's not professional quality...but it was a hell of a lot cheaper..
  2. A better option these days is to send it to a professional transfer organisation such as Pro8mm or DVD Infinity to transfer to high definition files and then editing those.
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