Does HTPC decode audio or reciever?

Hi, I am trying to build a home theater system but am having trouble picking the receiver. I know that for blue ray players, one's AV receiver must support the new trueHD format. Is it the same for a htpc with an internal blue-ray player though?

Basically, if the HTPC can be made to do the audio decoding, I wont spend the extra money on a reciever that does TRUEHD. I will be connecting the reciever via the digital (optical) connection.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. No. Only two soundcards can transmit, let alone decode, 7.1 formats due to the fact HDMI is a REQUIREMENT to transmit those formats.

    If you want a HTPC that can handle 7.1 formats, start looking at the ASUS HDAV 1.3 and the Auzentech Home Theatre HD.
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