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Okay I have trawled various forums for about 2 hours and can not find an answer specific enough to help me, so Help please.
I had one 1tb HDD (samsung spinpoint F3) in with everything in there no other partitions ( yes I know but I was feeling lazy ).
I bought a Momentus XT 750 gb hybrid drive plugged it into the mobo and cloned the existing HDD to the hybrid ( all 613GB) using Macrium reflect.

Now this is where I did the stupid bit when the cloning had finished I rebooted with both drives connected.
Windows now allocated drive letters E and F respectively to system reserved partition and the C drives cloned partition.

I can boot normally and the cloned image on F looks okay.
Now I want to disconnect the original HDD and boot from the Hybrid. I'll run from the hybrid for a few weeks to make sure that the cloning was a success before wiping and reformatting the original HDD and setting up partitions properly to use it as a data drive and back up.

Here is where I come unstuck I go into Computer management: disk management. In theory to rename my original C drive to another arbitrary drive letter lets say X. Then I would rename the cloned partitions to C and reboot for the changes to take effect. Check it is okay and then disconnect the original HDD until I am ready to wipe reformat blah blah.

When I try to rename C I go through all the steps until the final bit where it then tells me the parameter is incorrect.

I'm stuck help a lot of threads send you towards regedit ( I am terrified of touching the registry in case I truly screw something up).

Boots fine with both drives in. boots fine with only the original HDD in.

Tried to boot with both drives in but making Hybrid the bootable drive no joy (via the bios).

Tried disconnecting the original HDD to boot from the hybrid no joy.

When I put the hybrid as the bootable drive in the bios, system will post then get a message "please place bootable media in the device and reboot"

Any help gratefully received. I tried to put a screen shot of the disk management window but it will not play ball ( I feel like such a noob)

O yeah this is important MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 if any other specs or info would be helpful please ask.

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  1. does the image you made have a boot manager you could try to do a windows repair with only the hybrid drive in the system also does the h drive maker provide a cloning tool like acronis true image
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Sorry software just really isn't my thing what do you mean by boot manager. I was just reading some other stuff to try and solve for myself and I was wondering if making the MBR on the hybrid active would solve the problem if I disconnect ed the original HDD and tried to boot?

    Is this related to what you are talking about?

    The original MBR on the original HDD does not have a drive letter so should the cloned copy not have an associated drive letter also?

    Original hdd has a 100mb partition with no drive letter and the the C partition.

    The hybrid has 2 named partitions E the cloned MBR and F the cloned copy of C (excluding the MBR).

    Original HDD in disk manager also says System reserved (system, active, Primary partition).
    C:: (boot, page file, crash dump primary partition)

    cloned hybrid
    System reserved(E:)(Primary partition)
    (F:)(Primary partition)

    I do not know if this info helps?

  3. the first is active but not the hybrid one if you done a exact clone then the mbr is on
  4. Just realised I did not answer your actual questions from your initial post but before that they are not meant to be smileys but a colon and a closing bracket.

    I do believe that seagate provide a cloning tool but I used Macrium reflect for the cloning ( the drive was oem from ebuyer, so I got the drive and nothing else apart from some bubble wrap and a cardboard box).

    I have a recently made Macrium recovery disk ( I actually made it before I cloned the drive just in case).

    Should I disconnect the original HDD and whack that in and see if it bears fruit?

    I just though that there may be a less dramatic way of getting round this issue.

    Sorry I do not understand your last post is this a question?
  5. this for seagate and asking you if you put the hybrid drive active as the hdd was
  6. NO I did not make it active should I and will it be a problem with it having a drive letter when the original did not?

    I'll make it active and reboot. If I do not get back for a while it means something has gone wrong and I have had to fire up my laptop. cheers,
  7. if that is not working reclone using the seagate tool in the link
  8. scout_03 cheers. I am posting this with the hybrid only connected to the mobo. I made the MBR on the hybrid active and rebooted put the macrium rescue disk in and booted from that it took about 10 mins to fix and looks good so far.

    Thanks for your help I think that I kinda knew how to fix this but I needed someone to give me the confidence to do it. Thanks a lot :)
  9. happy to help you solve this ,still on old hdd for me but learning to work with ssd by the forum
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