Oxford chipset type for Coolmax enclosure

I bought Coolmax enclosure (Product ID: CD-510B-U2F) 3-yr back. I understand enclosure uses Oxford Semiconductor's chipset. I need to update the firmware, in order to use NEC ND-4550A DVD burner with the enclosure.

Can any of you who own/used this enclosure advise which type of the Oxford chipset is used for Coolmax CD-510 enclosure? If possible, a direct link to Oxford firmware download site is greatly appreciated.

====Product Information====
Coolmax CD-510B-U2F
3.5"/5.25" IDE TO USB
2.0/Firewire 1394 Combo
Aluminum External
Enclosure w/ Fan, Retail,
Source: http://coolmaxusa.com/productDetails.as...atures&subcategory=combo&category=5.25
Oxford Semiconductor download center: http://www.oxsemi.co.uk/cgi-bin/general/home.cgi
====Product Information====

Thanks for advising.
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