BSOD/Hardware Issue?

Alright, lately I've been getting hardware BSOD's on my work box running Win 7 Enterprise. The issue is that the BSOD's happen at least daily, usually at the worst time (duh), and have literally 0x0000 signature. What shows up in the crash log is literally "unknown error". Additionally, a new symptom is that now it boots up, displays nothing (monitor goes to sleep), and dosen't do anything till another BSOD appears (wakes up the monitor to display the BSOD then shuts down). Therefore I know it's not the graphics card, since it shows up, but I can't even see the boot menu (even with another monitor and using a different connection (DVI as opposed to DP). I literally was working on something, went to dinner, came back, watched it blue screen, and now it doesn't boot :fou: .

This is driving me nuts, it's under warranty until next year so that's not an issue, but I would like to get this fixed sooner rather than later. I have removed the nic cards and the Kingston RAM from the equation as the machine still has issues with those removed. From what I can tell it's likely the graphics card (under warranty fortunately) or the power supply. The machine in my signature is a clone of this one, but more powerful for those wondering. They are not in the same location however, and I do not have spare parts at hand to test this machine out, other than ruling out the monitor/cable.


OS - Windows 7 Enterprise
Processor - Xeon W3520
RAM - 2 x 1 GB Non-Reg ECC Samsung OEM
2 x 2GB Non-Reg ECC Kingston (same timing)
Hard Drive - Samsung 830 120GB SSD
Video Card - Quadro FX 580 (Top x16 Slot)
Display - HP ZR24W connected via Displayport
Misc - 2 x Intel 1000/PT Dual Gigabit LAN Cards (Middle x8 and Bottom x16 slot).

Ironically I'm typing this out on my Macbook Air while putting in a support ticket about a Lenovo Workstation that is ISV certified. Since it's a combination of issues, BSOD and possibly graphics card, I'm sticking it the Win7 forums unless a mod deems it would be better suited somewhere else.
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  1. Well, 0x00000000 is undocumented, so that by itself is very unusual. Basically, an unhandled exception within the NT kernel...

    Just for kicks, download/run memtest86 to confirm if RAM has failed.
  2. Anything updated video card drivers?

    When you say you cant see the boot menu, do you mean pre splash screen?
  3. Your mixed ram is the first thing I would look at.

    Try running just the Kingston by itself and see what happens.
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