What is a Good Mouse Pad for a Laser Mouse?

I have one of those new Logitech Laser Mouse, I was wondering what is an optimal Mousepad for it?
And were can I buy it?
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  1. any non-shiny, non-mirror like surface will do. You can run them on any normal mousepad. Best Buy, Frys, Compusa or almost any computer store.
  2. They run on almost anything. I use mine on my leg, bed, metal mouse mad, wood...almost anything.

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  3. even worked on thick glass for me, altough not perfeclty, I found it pretty impresive.
    As long as it slides nicely, it will be precise everywhere!

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  4. If there's anything better to use with the MX1000, I haven't seen it yet. These pads work beautifully with mine, and also do very well with my older dual-optical mice

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