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my question is this: given the same pc with the same video card, in my case a e8400, 8 gigs of ram, winxp/win7 32/win7 64 and a 4890 video card:
if the ouput goes via hdmi at 1920x19080, does it matter what screen size the ouput goes to?
that is to ask, if i output to a 24 inch monitor does the video card have to work more if i output to a 60 inch monitor? other words, does my fps drop because the monitor recieving the output from the video card is much larger or does it bear no difference all other things being the same. i wonder because if all things being equal, would i hypothetically get 60 fps on a 24 incher and 42 fps on a 60 incher. i hope my question is understood.
thanx in advance
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  1. another question is, my mobo supports sli and crossfire, if i use one videocard i get a 16x lane but if i plug in another in the 1x lane ill only get 8x + 8x. do i need a mobo with 2 16x lanes to get all the output power and bandwith or is it just overkill? with the one 4890 top of the line, i play all the latest games, pretty much maxed out eye candy at 1920x1080 resolution. very few exceptions like crysis or just cause 2, but even lowering the eyecandy a bit doesnt really show much of a difference to my eyes except that i get a little better fps. once again, thanx in advance.
    BTW im usually on a 60 inch mitsubishi lamp style dlp. thining about changing the bedroom plasma 42 inch 720p to a phillips 120hz 1080p. should i expect better quality?
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