Stuck in Black Screen with cursor movement only

I am having various difficulties in my PC, all of which I assume are related to a single unknown problem.

it started over a year ago when I started to get random BSOD messages, after no specific update, installation, or hardware change whatsoever.
those usually included "IRQ_LESS_OR_EQUAL". usually after a crash it took some startup attempts to boot successfuly.

more recently crashes followed those BSOD's:

since the latest crash, the computer is failing to start - after widows logo appears, I get a black screen with a cursor. NO control afterwards - Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't work and I all I can do is restart.

I tried:
1. safe mode (all kinds) - still get the black screen with no response
2. low resolution video mode- same
3. Windows Restore, both from the boot options dialog and from the WIN7 installation disc boot - it doesn't run, I get an error message ("the application referenced memory......... .....memory can't be read")
4. memory check, it ran but I cant access the results.
5. Windows system files checker ('sfc'), via the repair tools command prompt - it doesn't start, says there's a startup repair pending so startup - yet there isn't
6. reset BIOS settings - nothing

before the current trouble, at times, I also tried:
- reinstalling drivers for Graphic card, Network card and motherboard
- cleaning dust in the CPU cooler
- fastening connectors
- clean format (that was a long time ago but blue screens appeared even shortly afterwards)

nothing worked....
any help would be very appreciated.
thank you

cpu: Intel I7
motherboard: Asus P7H55-M PRO
Graphic card: PNY nVidia Quadro 580
Windows 7 pro
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  1. Defective Motherboard
  2. Have you checked memory?
  3. sounds like two errors...older errors is a bad stick of ram...the new error sounds like your hard drive has an issue an is locking up the mb. i would start with unplugging the hard drive if it unlocks with no boot device found. use a hirum boot cd and run memtest from it.
  4. das_stig said:
    Have you checked memory?

    yes and it ran for a while, upon completion it said that the results will be shown on the next startup, yet, of coarse, after windows loads, I cant see anything in Windows and have access to nothing.
  5. smorizio said:
    i would start with unplugging the hard drive if it unlocks with no boot device found.

    ok, so just to clarify, unplug the data cord but leave the power supply and startup this way?
    and then,
    should I run the hirum boot cd after I plug the hard drive back in?
  6. so the problem is still unsolved.
    I have tried the above, and various tests with the Hiren bootcd. plus i tried disconnecting all devices from the computer, including network card (assuming a driver-related issue can be avoided that way).
    other than reinstalling windows, is there still anything to try?
  7. after another clean format, the bluescreens occur now again.
    these are Dump files ever since:

    perhaps that could allow anyone to further determine the cause to the problem?
    I cound only still believe this is driver-related, although - I did update any of the drivers I found (inc. Graphic card, audio, Wireless network card)

    any ideas?
    thanks, Ishay
  8. have you tried removing 1/2 ram to see if one ram stick is bad..the other issue that would cause bsod would be power suplly that not holding the load or a mb/cpu issue.
  9. This happened to me as well take the battery out and press and hold the power button for 15 seconds then the take out the hard disk and the ram sticks (optional: use a compressed air can to clean out the slots for these components) then put everything back in. Boot up your PC. This worked for me hope it works for you.
  10. I have the same problem, has anyone found a solution to this :'(
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