Samsung black vertical lines sets of 3

we have a samsung 46 in with good picture new color wheel and lamp, but have black vertical lines in sets of three across screen. Help!
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    Does the TV have a grounded 3 prong plug?
    lift the ground pin with one of those hardware store grounding adapters. (3 to 2 pin power plug adapter)
    Do the lines go away?
    Disconnect the inputs to the TV , leave just one input connected. Do the lines go away?
    any time you have more than one ground connected to the TV, you can get lines. It's called a ground loop.

    The TV cord does not have a ground prong nor does it remove from back of TV like my 42" Samsung
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    unfortunately, if there is only one device plugged in and the lines are still there, the horizontal amplifier has gone sour. You will need to get the unit serviced at a repair center.
  3. Thank you, but why would it be a horizontal amp if the lines are vertical?
  4. the lines appear when the picture cannot function horizontally
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