Hi people, could anybody please advise me as to the replacement of the ATA hard drive in an Archos 504 as i previously used the original drive in an old laptop i was trying to fix and as i wished to upgrade the size of the Archos drive anyway at a later date with a larger capacity one at a later date but i didn't realise until now that apparently the unit is linked to the original drive with a serial number in the drive that the unit reads during the boot up process and will only boot if it can find this number on the drive etc. Obviously i realise now that even if i buy a replacement drive for it its not going to boot.. I've just learnt that owners are supposed to upgrade the drive through the Archos company itself. Does anybody have any knowelage of being able to install a replacement drive and overcome this apparent problem,? .. cheers boys and girls...
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  1. This one of the MP3 fanatic sites, regularly strip down players and mod them.
  2. Cheers buddy, i've placed a thread on the site you recommended, just playing the waiting game now. nice one..
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