If Centrino has been retired... is there a replacement?

For the average shopper, the old Centrino sticker used to to signify a laptop that was set up for efficiency and battery life. Now that the Centrino brand is no longer used on laptops, can anyone give any advice on how to identify an efficient laptop that will have reasonable battery life?

(If it matters, I'm most likely looking at a T6600 or T7350 Core 2 duo, with 4 GB RAM, all other specs still up in the air)

Thank you!
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  1. The Centrino sticker never meant that at all. It simply meant that the notebook it was stuck to was equipped with an Intel processor, chipset, and wireless chipset. Just a marketing gimmick.

    Notebooks with excellent battery life will have lower-clocked CPUs, 14" or so screens, and larger batteries.
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