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I need to upgrade my 19" crt screen to a 24" lcd. :)
Now, im obviously clueless about this and have spent the majority of this week trying to figure out which screen will be best for me without coming to any decision yet.

I will use the screen mainly for playing poker, and also watching some movies (not blue ray quality, just random tv-shows etc) aswell as casual gaming.
Ive come to understand the screens within my budget is all TN panels which makes the viewing angle abit bad. Is this correct?

Now the screen preferably should have the best viewing angle for the price if possible since it sounds like that could be irritating.

Also i see most of the screens ive looked at has max refresh rate of 60hz at maximum resolution. Is this standard? At 60hz on my crt my eyes hurt really bad.

Anyways, hopefully someone can guide me to a good choice. My budget is as stated around the $300 mark. Also the resolution should be at 1920x1200.

Thanks alot.
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  1. You have a lot of options since prices have droped latly, SyncMaster 2443BW, ACER P241Wd (VGA, DVI-D), some BenQ and even 1 ASUS but it was 1900x1080.
    You should get probably samsung or LG, basicly becouse ASUS and Acer use some technologies that can give you a head ache before you figure them out,however once set are great. The contrast is a bit dificult to understand as nowdays numbers range from 1000:1 real to 50000:1 Dynamic.
    Basicly anything over 8000:1 is good, anything over 13000:1 is almost imposible to notice by human eye unless u look for it.
    the refresh rate in LCDs is counted in vertical then in horizontal so the real refresh rate is roughtly the total of those numbers togheter.
    Luminiscence is better the lower it is but anything 400cm or lower is good.
    About response time, anything uncer 20MS black to black or 10 grey to grey is good enought to never show phantoms effects.
    Always check if the monitor you choose will have a technology to deleate dead pixels.
    Finally the most difficult thing to figure out is the color distribution and the color capabilities (known as DELTA).
    Color distribution is very hard to accuratly describe, and youre better off checking reviews for each monitor u actually like, where as for DELTA is easy if you find the numbers. A DELTA of 3 or less is good, 2 or less is amazing (1 would mean colors are 100% same as in real life)

    here is an example of the samsumg i wrote, thou price is very high there, ive seen it for 279E
    As you see there is no Coloer info as well as no DELTA... well, that sort of info is not ez to find.
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